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MRC Technologies is a full service heavy machinery repair facility.  Our years as a factory authorized repair facility and 25+ years of experience uniquely qualifies MRC Technologies to provide quality, timely and reliable solutions to your manufacturing, repair, and machining needs.

"We do what others can't"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We Specialize In:
Manufacturing & Fabrication Services
Crusher Re-Manufacturing & Repair
Machining of Large Components


   5-1/2 Symons Crusher fitted with Innotech enhancements ready for shipment. 


 AC 4265 Upper Shell on our 18' VTL (45 ton)


 Symons 4-1/4' Crusher Mainframe on our Craven Planer Mill


Pictured above is a 150" Diameter power plant butterfly valve, that MRC re-manufactured for Rochester Gas & Electric.  The valve was re-machined with a stainless insert installed, a new brass seal manufactured for butterfly and splitline and bores re-machined. 


The 30x48 Lippmann jaw crusher shown above was completely overhauled.  It was operating is severe conditions crushing slag from a steel mill and required major crack repair to the mainframe.  We also restored the bearing fits on the mainframe and the Pittman bore.  The Toggleblock was also welded and re-machined.

The machine was then reassembled and test run at MRC.  Click here for more information on this overhaul.