MRC Technologies

Heavy Machinery and Crusher Repair Facility

AE 1020 - Symons 4-1/4' Adjustment Ring


Part Number: 6181-5583

Serial Number: 41050 


  • This adjustment ring had the 30° and 45° seats refurbished and can be used with either internal or external pin designed mainframe.  if internal pin, MRC can drill holes for the mainframe pins.
  • The thread reflects wear from template as follows


 A. Top thread .160 inside .175 outside 
 B. Second thread .115 inside .135 outside
 C. Third thread .115 inside .135 outside
 D. Fourth thread .115 inside .135 outside
 E. Fifth thread .035 inside .055 outside



  1. External pin bushings have approximately 1/8" wear and should be replaced or rotated 180° to prevent necking of spring bolts.
  2. Needs new rubber dust seal.