MRC Technologies

Heavy Machinery and Crusher Repair Facility

AE4063 - Re Manufactured Symons 4-1/4' Standard Crusher - Serial Number 40724


Shown below is a summary of work performed and photographs of our inventory #AE4063 which is a Symons 4-1/4' Standard Head Crusher that has been re-manufactured and is now available for sale.









Main Frame:

  • Socket to mainframe fit, welded and re-machined to print.
  • Inner countershaft diameter in mainframe welded and re-machined.
  • Outer countershaft diameter in mainframe welded and re-machined.
  • Areas of mainframe next to countershaft box erosion missing approximately 6"x10", fit/weld/grind scab plate on mainframe.
  • Main Frame Liner in excellent condition - Not changed.





 Adjustment Ring:

  • Welded and re-machined 30° and 45° seats.
  • Welded and re-machined threads.
  • Weld new mainframe pin covers.

Adjustment Cap:

  • Reconditioned with keys to bowl locks refurbished.

Counter Shaft Box:

  • Repaired flange
  • 1/2" spacer plate installed with 1/4"  o-ring.
  • Disassembled shaft, which were in spec and reassembled, inspected bushings.








  • New oil guard ring installed.
  • Spring housing holes restored with hardened bushings.
  • Socket fit welded and re-machined.
  • Socket fit to liner welded and re-machined.
  • New socket liner installed.
  • New spring and housing installed.
  • New keys and dowels installed.







  • Welded and re-machined head ball and wipers.
  • Mantle set within spec.
  • Orifice within spec.
  • Welded and ground gouges next to threads under tourch ring.








  • Repaired cracks in bowl sidewall.
  • Restored threads to print.
  • Welded and ground bowl locks to fixture for contact to adjustment ring.
  • Welded and re-machined bowl liner seat.






Socket Sealing Ring:

  • Excellent like new condition.



  • Inner bushing removed and re-seated for correct height and new lock poured.
  • Inner bushing in very good condition.
  • Strap lap major O.D.
  • Gear teeth dressed





Main Frame Cap:

  • Good Condition