MRC Technologies

Heavy Machinery and Crusher Repair Facility

AE4080 - 4-1/4' Internal Pin Symons Crusher - Socket conversion to tube seal. SOLD

Crusher can be assembled as Standard or Short Head Crusher.

Mainframe - Re-manufactured:

  •  30 & 45° seats welded and re-machined.
  • New steel seat liner.
  • Socket fit welded and re-machined.
  • Mainframe liner installed.
  • Countershaft box bores and inner counter box bore welded and re-machined.
  • Outer eccentric biore welded and re-machined.



Adjustment Ring:

  • Threads restored to factory spec.
  • 30 & 45° seat welded and remachined.
  • Pin holes and caps in good condition.




  • Spring housing holes restored with hardened bushings
  • Socket liner in good condition.

Standard Head and Shaft Assembly

  • Headball welded and re-machined.




  • Mantle Seat restored.
  • Threads reflect no wear in thread guage.
  • Bowl Ears restored.
  • Bowl Liner Seat skim cut.