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Bessemer Engine Lube Oil Pump - Model BGP550

Developed by MRC Technologies of North America LLC for retrofit to the Bessemer engine.

The MRC Technologies BGP550 pump is a modified gear pump by Roper Pump Company, manufacturer of the original lube pumpwhich was supplied as orginal equipment on Bessemer Engines.

The orginal Roper model 2986 pump was a special build, custom-made pump by Roper Pump Co. for Bessemer Engine Company.  The model 2986 was deemed obsolete by Roper Pump Co. many years ago.  Today neither the complete model 2986 pump nor parts for the pump are available from Roper Pump Company. 





Now MRC Technologies of North America LLC makes available this easily retrofitted gear pump, model BGP550, which mounts to your Bessemmer engine in the same manner as the original Roper model 2986


 Performance Specs Original Rober 2986 MRC Technologies BGP550
 Flange Diameter 6" Facing both sides Same
 Flange Bolt Pattern 3/4"- 10 UNC on 9.5" Dia Circle Same
 Shaft Description SAE - 6- Spline Shaft Same
 Flow Rating 400 GPM at 833 RPM 484 GPM at 833 RPM*
 Operating Pressure 75 psi 75 psi
 Input Port 6" ANSI Flange 6" ANSI Flange
 Discharge Port 6" ANSI Flange 6" ANSI Flange





The original Roper 2986 was equipped with an integral pressure relief valve.  The MRC BGP550 does NOT have an integral pressure relief.  If a pressure relief valve is desired, this must be installed as a seperate component in the discharge line.

*MRC Technologies BGP550 is run tested at 950 RPM with tellus 46 lubricating oil, viscosity of 46 Cts/240 SSW.  At 950 RPM and 75 psi discharge pressure, recorded flow is 550 GPM.  Run test documentation is provided with each new pump.