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Brush Plating by MRC




MRC Technologies a full service heavy machinery repair facility announces that we now offer brush plating.

  Brush plating is a method of electroplating localized areas on components without the use of an immersion tank.

  Damage from wear, corrosion or mis-machining can be repaired using brush plating.

  In contrast to tank plating, the brush plating process does not require extensive masking, special fixtures, or elaborate equipment.  Brush plating deposits have excellent adhesion and can be plated at rates that are 30 to 60 times faster than conventional tank plating.

Bearing Housing Repair


Problem:  A customer sent MRC a Telesmith® 25x40 Jaw Crusher bearing housing that had worn and was out of round on the bore and was now oversize by .015".

  Solution:  MRC honed the bore round and then brushed plated the bearing housing with nickel to bring it within its specifications.